The dreaded F word

I have been training now for 5 weeks and it seems to be working ok.

Next week I should (with some luck) hit 90kg which is around 12kg down in 5 weeks. Obviously I am only getting to a starting point of 90kg but its working and its not terribly difficult. I am using a lot of the latest tools, diet and am training with a buddy every morning at 6am.

Anyways lots of friends are asking me for details around technology, training and diet so I thought here is as good as anywhere.


Scales by Withings, its wifi enabled and links to an app on your phone, also measures BMI and fat levels, very impressed with this.

Jawbone Up. This is key to it all, measures my movement/steps, my sleep and gives me calories burnt, deep sleep achieved etc, also allows you to join teams of your friends, sets targets and has virtual alarms to get you moving, cant recommend this more. There are a number of others and I have tried them but for me this is king.

Runkeeper. great app to get you moving and also integrates into the Withings software above, plus integrates your music so pre-programmed music for walks.

The gym is pretty tough, its only core exercise with huge weights, no fancy machines or cross trainers.

Monday- Legs, Tuesday-Back, Weds- Chest, Thursday Abs, Fri General workout plus a walk every night

Now for the tough part, Diet

Each day is the same

Breakfast 3 egg white omelette

Mid Morning Protein drink

Lunch: white meat and green salad

afternoon: protein drink

Dinner: meat or fish with green veg

3 litres of water a day (THIS IS A MUST)

So thats it, its working for me so it will work for anyone, its been extremely difficult I can’t believe I weighed as much as I did but finally after too many false starts am really enjoying it.

I think there are two things really helping me

1. the technical side

2. the simplicity of the diet (I can do it anywhere)


if anyone wants any details on diet etc just let me know






6 thoughts on “The dreaded F word

  1. haritha

    Nice to see your blog post.. I really enjoyed by reading your blog post. Thanks a lot for sharing this with us.. Keep on sharing like this informative post.

  2. Den Howlett

    Oh shit – that’s what I feared. This looks about one step up from a cleansing diet I did many years ago and which made me sick as a dog for a week before the ‘benefits’ kicked in.

    1. Fergus Sweeney

      Using UP band and I must say its fantastic .. Setting daily goals and walking a hell of a lit more …. :-)


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