Thanks for an incredible 2013

As usual it’s been an age since I updated here, its been an amazing 2013 so where better to thank all those that made it worthwhile.

The first whisper of something going on goes to Damien Mulley

All the credit goes to the amazing team at Trustev who  have made this an incredible year but special thanks to my partner Chris Kennedy who continues to blow me away on a daily basis.

Liam Casey has been a friend for longer than either of us care to remember (when I had a big curly mop of hair and he had a mullet, sorry Liam) Chris and I approached Liam with an idea for an identity platform which would eliminate fraud because if you knew who you were doing business with in e-commerce fraud must cease to exist, Liam bought in on the spot and became our first investor.

Liam was followed by Karl Ahern and the team at Wayra, Kevin Abosch, David Coallier, Eamon Leonard, Stephen Harrington (who gets married today to the wonderful Angelina, congrats) Shane Naughton, John Hartnett and Barry O Sullivan.

We then began work on our seed round and we closed a round with a group of investors who are always there and all have been incredibly helpful, Michael Jackson of Mangrove Capital Partners, John O’Flynn of ACT  Venture Capital, Ian Sigalow and Kamran Ansari of Greycroft , Enterprise Ireland (headed up by Brian Sheridan) and Jos White of Notion Capital.

Its been an incredible ride so far and the momentum is building (we reviewed 2 million transactions in December and analysed 176 million data points in real time).

I’m sure I have forgotten loads of people and if I have I apologise.

We go into 2014 incredibly excited

Thank you for all your support and I wish you a very successful 2014





One thought on “Thanks for an incredible 2013

  1. James Gallagher

    Good to see you blogging again Pat, always enjoy your posts. This is an interesting post from the perspective of how many people are involved in getting a startup to point you’ve all taken Trustev.

    I’d also like to extend thanks for the inspiration – while I’m not a founder but do now work at a startup, you’ve always been open about startup life and given insights that I’m sure inspire founders but also those of us who are fortunate to make a crossover from larger organisations to startups.


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