MAXROAM launches iPad 3G rates in 44 countries for only 27c a MB

Today’s the big day of the iPad 3 launch
Mines on the way, its just left the UK
Have you noticed how many people are now travelling with their iPad, it appears that its the business tool of choice now for everyone you see in airports, with that in mind,We have been working hard here on a global plan for iPad 3G and have just got it launched in time today.
It makes life really simple for global travellers using iPad 3G, get a month bundle of 200MB for only 55 euro and its billed in the tiniest increments of only 25 kb and use it in anyone of 44 countries here.
Its really that simple, pop it in your iPad 3G and your good to go
Global connectivity on the move is now a reality.
maxroam iPad

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