48 shakes up the Irish mobile scene

The newest entrant to the Irish mobile scene launched last week and I can already tell you, its got WINNER written all over it
Go check 48 here
The stand alone brand powered by O2 Ireland and running on the same Quartet platform that Tesco Mobile runs on in Ireland has come out of the gate at an incredible speed.
Its offers are just incredible, €10 a month for membership which includes unlimited calls and SMS to any Irish mobile network plus you can add on 2GB for a month for €8 bringing “unlimited” for most users for €18 a month.
I ordered a few sims online for testing last week, get yours here
The SIM arrived in a couple of days with an 089 number as the mobile prefix, we ported it online with a very simple online page and were good to go in a few hours with a normal 087 prefix on it.
This is all any user including myself will need so I guess I’m good to go.
Couple of little points to beware of though.
Not every Payzone outlet we tried had 48 credit on it system.
They cannot take credit cards online yet.
The unlimited calls only include 20 minutes calls to fixed lines.

Other than that I think 48 “months” has a bright future ahead of it.
It will be interesting to see how Ireland’s other youth mobile brand responds.

9 thoughts on “48 shakes up the Irish mobile scene

  1. David

    After watching that video I absolutely must go out and get my 17 year old daughter one of those SIM cards ASAP!

  2. Dan

    Is seems as they are using the “private member club” approach rather than supplying a service. Other catches are no roaming except by pre-permission, no ability to call directory enquiries.

    I presume they also cut you off on your 22nd birthday (they do not check for birth date for SIM but do ask birth date on registration)

    I heard it was a marketing excercise run by 02. They are seeing if it works and will roll out similar in other countries. They are trying very hard to be cool. They lack some of the normal feaures we expect now from a phone.

  3. dave mcd

    Dodgy t&cs……
    14.2 We may also use your information and personal details to contact you with marketing messages by SMS, email, phone or post. We will do this for so long as you continue to use the 48 Services and for a reasonable period of time after you cease to use the 48 Services in order to inform you about products and services and promotions and special offers which we feel may be of interest to you. These marketing messages will provide you with information about our own products and services and information about products and services provided by our selected partners and third parties. If you do not wish to receive such information please contact us in the ways we allow via http://www.48months.ie to amend your preference.14.3 Where you have indicated your permission and preferences we may use your location and service usage data to better understand your usage of our services and for the purposes set out in 14.1 and 14.2 above.14.4 Where you wish to avail of Third Party Services it may be necessary for us to pass your information and personal details to third parties.14.5 By entering into this agreement with us you explicitly agree to the use of your information and personal details for the purposes set out in 14.1, 14.2, 14.3 and 14.4 above. Your information and personal details will be retained for a reasonable period of time in a secure environment. Further information on how we obtain, hold and use your information and personal details is available in our Privacy Policy which is available on http://www.48months.ie.

  4. Daniel

    My only concern is the data charges after the €2/week for 500MB offer ends in 3 weeks. They talk about hourly allowances in their fair use policy, which sounds to me like something that could end up quite expensive for smartphones.


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