One of the team that turned around eBay graduates from Highway1

I was blown away reading the story of the team that turned around eBay

I noticed one of the names in particular and thought I had seen it before, designer Christina Mercando, it took me an age to remember where I knew Christina from.

I was speaking with Liam Casey over the weekend and telling him about this incredible story and he tell’s me “oh ya, Christina leads one of the companies that just graduated from Highway1 latest program Ringly

Really cool stuff, have a look at Christina on stage below

Thanks for an incredible 2013

As usual it’s been an age since I updated here, its been an amazing 2013 so where better to thank all those that made it worthwhile.

The first whisper of something going on goes to Damien Mulley

All the credit goes to the amazing team at Trustev who  have made this an incredible year but special thanks to my partner Chris Kennedy who continues to blow me away on a daily basis.

Liam Casey has been a friend for longer than either of us care to remember (when I had a big curly mop of hair and he had a mullet, sorry Liam) Chris and I approached Liam with an idea for an identity platform which would eliminate fraud because if you knew who you were doing business with in e-commerce fraud must cease to exist, Liam bought in on the spot and became our first investor.

Liam was followed by Karl Ahern and the team at Wayra, Kevin Abosch, David Coallier, Eamon Leonard, Stephen Harrington (who gets married today to the wonderful Angelina, congrats) Shane Naughton, John Hartnett and Barry O Sullivan.

We then began work on our seed round and we closed a round with a group of investors who are always there and all have been incredibly helpful, Michael Jackson of Mangrove Capital Partners, John O’Flynn of ACT  Venture Capital, Ian Sigalow and Kamran Ansari of Greycroft , Enterprise Ireland (headed up by Brian Sheridan) and Jos White of Notion Capital.

Its been an incredible ride so far and the momentum is building (we reviewed 2 million transactions in December and analysed 176 million data points in real time).

I’m sure I have forgotten loads of people and if I have I apologise.

We go into 2014 incredibly excited

Thank you for all your support and I wish you a very successful 2014





The dreaded F word

I have been training now for 5 weeks and it seems to be working ok.

Next week I should (with some luck) hit 90kg which is around 12kg down in 5 weeks. Obviously I am only getting to a starting point of 90kg but its working and its not terribly difficult. I am using a lot of the latest tools, diet and am training with a buddy every morning at 6am.

Anyways lots of friends are asking me for details around technology, training and diet so I thought here is as good as anywhere.


Scales by Withings, its wifi enabled and links to an app on your phone, also measures BMI and fat levels, very impressed with this.

Jawbone Up. This is key to it all, measures my movement/steps, my sleep and gives me calories burnt, deep sleep achieved etc, also allows you to join teams of your friends, sets targets and has virtual alarms to get you moving, cant recommend this more. There are a number of others and I have tried them but for me this is king.

Runkeeper. great app to get you moving and also integrates into the Withings software above, plus integrates your music so pre-programmed music for walks.

The gym is pretty tough, its only core exercise with huge weights, no fancy machines or cross trainers.

Monday- Legs, Tuesday-Back, Weds- Chest, Thursday Abs, Fri General workout plus a walk every night

Now for the tough part, Diet

Each day is the same

Breakfast 3 egg white omelette

Mid Morning Protein drink

Lunch: white meat and green salad

afternoon: protein drink

Dinner: meat or fish with green veg

3 litres of water a day (THIS IS A MUST)

So thats it, its working for me so it will work for anyone, its been extremely difficult I can’t believe I weighed as much as I did but finally after too many false starts am really enjoying it.

I think there are two things really helping me

1. the technical side

2. the simplicity of the diet (I can do it anywhere)


if anyone wants any details on diet etc just let me know






Women In Tech

This wont get me any brownie points but I have absolutely had it up to here with the term “women in tech”.

Imagine me running events for “Men In Tech”? I would be run out of town or how about “Korean’s in tech” it just doesn’t wash, I work in the most inclusive industry and employ amazing female engineers, does sex come into it, of course it doesn’t, on a personal point i love working with women as your left know where you stand pretty quickly.

Do i ever look at a CV and say the person’s sex matters of course not

Do we have a lack of female engineers? of course we do, do we have a lack of female mechanics? of course we do.


The point of this was not to point out inequalities it was to point out that we are already equal and I just don’t get it


Can someone point me in the right direction?




Building a sharing economy for San Francisco

Thomas Friedman, one of my favourite writers (go read the world is flat) did an incredible puff piece on Airbnb yesterday for The New York Times.

The comments here are worth reading as much as the piece itself, I see the “sharing economy” now being quoted as the future of everything and I have no belief in it whatsoever’ it appears if you’re not building Airbnb for something or Uber for something you are not moving in the correct direction. What we we tend to see in sharing economy is companies that scale fantastically in tech centric locations like San Francisco but never make it out the door after that. Take for example car sharing started many years ago by Zipcar in the US, now we have Buzzcar, Getaround, RelayRides, Tamyca, Wheelz, WhipCar, we have seen zero growth of these in Europe?

Do people really believe that there is this type of demand?

In the ride sharing world we have even more, erideshare, Avego, ridejoy, zimride and many others, none of these are really working, even Lyft which I used recently in San Francisco which is a Hailo like service has just gotten rid of its ride sharing arm Zimride to concentrate on what is really a taxi business, hell some can’t even calculate the cost of a journey between two Irish cities.

Take Uber for example, now active in 33 cities, lets take an average of 100 rides per city per day total 3300 rides a day (this is probably somewhat accurate) now with an average ride of say $40 and Uber’s cut of 20% you should see turnover for Uber of around $8 million before costs (easy to see where all these billion dollar valuations come from isn’t it?)

Add that to instant delivery services, Airbnb for dogs, taskrabbit and even google enabling lending between friends, I could be wrong, but I don’t think so

Even if I am wrong I am not sending an ice cream van to your office













Why didn’t someone tell me?


Again its one of those blogs
Its been ages since I put pen to paper here (you know what I mean) With the launch of trustev and all thats been going on over the past while its been very easy to ignore the elephant in the room, me, thats right I’m now an elephant, well a baby one at least.
Its amazing how it creeps up on you and then you find friends and family dropping hints, you ignore them and pretend to be the life and soul of the party, eventually the good people give you a kick up the rear and say time for change.
The good people have spoken and it was legs this morning for the first time in a long while.
Not being able to walk tomorrow will be fun as 90kg leg presses do a lot of damage but its one day down.
I don’t drink or smoke so its just one more bloody thing
Things are going amazing at trustev and the chance everyday to work with some of the smartest people I know is an amazing gift, lots of good news to come some time next week I hope.
In the meanwhile no more Maynards for me

Dylan sorted out my blog so thanks to him for that.

Flightfox, crowdsource your travel

It’s not very often that an amazing idea comes along.
Well, here’s one and I absolutely love it
Its so simple you wonder why hasn’t anyone thought of this before.
“Why stress yourself out with flight search? Leave it to the experts who know all the tricks of the trade. Our flight experts use industry tools and shortcuts to build you the best and cheapest itineraries.”

Do you travel a lot? want your own travel agent? well this is your own travel agent.


Dragon's Den, more like mouse's hole

I was really looking forward to Dragon’s Den this year with the addition of Sean O Sullivan of Avego and had great hopes that we were going to see some innovation and more technical products.
I have just sat through episode two and its more of the same with zero innovation, in fact the most interesting product was a cattle gate which I was thrilled to see funded.
Other than that what we are looking at is basically The Late Late Show of many years ago.
In the first two episodes we have had products that are available elsewhere by other manufacturers, “exclusive distributors” and a guy who claim to fame was that “he invented Google Streetview” an incredulous claim that even threw the very unflappable Sean.
If this is what we have to look forward to for the rest of the season I think it will go the way of “The Bill” show very quickly.
As a big fan of the UK version I really hang my head in shame watching this.
Am I being too harsh here? are these the most innovative companies looking for funding in Ireland?

MAXROAM launches iPad 3G rates in 44 countries for only 27c a MB

Today’s the big day of the iPad 3 launch
Mines on the way, its just left the UK
Have you noticed how many people are now travelling with their iPad, it appears that its the business tool of choice now for everyone you see in airports, with that in mind,We have been working hard here on a global plan for iPad 3G and have just got it launched in time today.
It makes life really simple for global travellers using iPad 3G, get a month bundle of 200MB for only 55 euro and its billed in the tiniest increments of only 25 kb and use it in anyone of 44 countries here.
Its really that simple, pop it in your iPad 3G and your good to go
Global connectivity on the move is now a reality.
maxroam iPad

48 shakes up the Irish mobile scene

The newest entrant to the Irish mobile scene launched last week and I can already tell you, its got WINNER written all over it
Go check 48 here
The stand alone brand powered by O2 Ireland and running on the same Quartet platform that Tesco Mobile runs on in Ireland has come out of the gate at an incredible speed.
Its offers are just incredible, €10 a month for membership which includes unlimited calls and SMS to any Irish mobile network plus you can add on 2GB for a month for €8 bringing “unlimited” for most users for €18 a month.
I ordered a few sims online for testing last week, get yours here
The SIM arrived in a couple of days with an 089 number as the mobile prefix, we ported it online with a very simple online page and were good to go in a few hours with a normal 087 prefix on it.
This is all any user including myself will need so I guess I’m good to go.
Couple of little points to beware of though.
Not every Payzone outlet we tried had 48 credit on it system.
They cannot take credit cards online yet.
The unlimited calls only include 20 minutes calls to fixed lines.

Other than that I think 48 “months” has a bright future ahead of it.
It will be interesting to see how Ireland’s other youth mobile brand responds.